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How I got into managing and supervising the establishment of visitor centers


When did I realize that the market needed the function of a content consultant - a projector for the client?
About 8 years ago, I entered a visitor center in Jerusalem. The center was reasonable +.

 When the initiator of the project, or in other words the client, told me how much money he invested in it - I understood that there was a systemic problem in the field of the visitor center.

Until that event, I was busy producing and directing films, but then I realized that what the market really needs is a factor that mediates between the client and the performing company and helps the entrepreneur achieve his vision, and along the way also create a balance between the budget invested in the project and the result, and get the most return for his investment.

I studied film and television at Tel Aviv University, for many years I was involved in media from the content side: news editor from the founders of the newspaper Mekor Rishon, editor and presenter of radio and television, editor of the newspaper and more.

At the end of the day, all the tasks I performed in the various communication systems were all related to creating a meaningful content experience for the client.

In the early days of the newspaper, when Meir Uziel was the editor-in-chief, he once told me: "The whole world is full of great stories, shelves full of interesting content, and a good editor is the one who knows how to choose a good story and present it in an interesting way to the reader." Even in a visitor center that deals with any topic, the task of the content consultant/projector is to take the topic and convey it to the visitor in a fun and useful experiential way. I wish blessings and success to all involved in the field.

Yankela Klein

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