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Israel is in the midst of a difficult war.

We share in the grief of the families who lost their loved ones in and strengthen the wounded, the families of the missing, the IDF soldiers, the security forces and all the citizens of Israel. Our sons, family and friends are being recruited for the war and we offer a prayer together with the residents of the country for their peace, and pray for peaceful days.


A fun show of automatic swings, huge screens, wind and other surprises. Germany at Expo 2022

Hi, I'm Yankale

53 years old. Married + five kids. 

I studied film directing and production at Tel Aviv University. For many years he has specialized in editing and writing different types of content - editing and managing news in the written press and on the Internet, editing and presenting radio programs and editing and presenting news on the first channel of television. In the last 10 years he has been involved in planning visitor centers, writing programs, consulting and accompanying, sometimes also the project manager for the client. Among other things, he is also a film producer. Children's films that I directed and produced - milk and honey and the secret of chocolate - received over 9 million views on YouTube, and sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Enjoys producing films, and likes to help and be a partner in establishing visitor centers that create change :)

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Holland's umbrella show. A visitor center of only one idea

Portfolio - Yankale

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