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 The demand: excite me please


A surprising laser corridor in the Saudi Pavilion

The dream of every entrepreneur who builds a visitor center is that everyone who visits the place leaves with an unforgettable impression and experience.

In order to create a meaningful experience, we need to create a series of elements that are related to different content worlds - information, knowledge, enjoyment / fun, and activation of the emotional mechanism.

I have already had the opportunity to read many scripts and programs of visitor centers in which it is written: an exciting story, an exciting experience, an exciting performance, and the like.

No matter how many times we write about the content that is exciting - it still won't make it exciting.

Emotion is created by identifying with characters in a story. It can be heroes of a good book, or characters in a movie. 

Technology is not exciting (unless you are a technology freak...), and information - as interesting and important as it may be - is also not exciting. Even photographs of a prayer in a synagogue, which although can move some viewers, are not included in the category of creating exciting content.

In one of the visitor centers in the establishment of which I act as a consultant, they presented a script of the main performance dealing with the history of the Jewish people, while during the script different inflections of the word 'exciting' were written on different occasions. 

As mentioned - history can move historians, but in order to move the average visitor, you need to build a story with a plot, with heroes who go through challenges and crises, overcome them and create an identification of the viewers. There are clear rules for writing a script, and when you stick to the format - you can move the viewers.

If we managed to excite the visitors, there is a chance that they will also connect with the center's content, and even remember the information we wanted to convey to them. When the visitor is moved, the heart opens and the head remembers and the message gets through.

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