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The United States bows its head

The US visitor center at the Expo was reasonably well-stocked, but there were some content surprises, such as a display of the Muslim Koran as part of the foundations of the American nation. A brief investigation provided the explanations.

Starting at the opening of the United States visitor center at Expo 2022, there was a long and winding conveyor belt, on which visitors stand and go on a tour between different displays and screens, which is accompanied by narration and music. Among the first exhibits that were there - a huge Koran book. When I asked some of my local hosts (not from the American pavilion but from the expo) they answered me: What didn't you hear? Because of the delays and doubts and postponements related to Corona, the Americans decided to give up setting up the pavilion at the Expo. When the organizers of the expo, the hosts from Dubai, heard about it, they decided to bring the United States to the exhibition anyway - and paid the Americans to exhibit! I don't know if they paid all or part of it, but in any case here it is easy to recognize the well-worn saying - the owner of the century has the opinion... and even if the hosts did not make an explicit demand towards the Americans - the presence was felt. And now for the content and experience: Oh well, the Americans know how to get the job done - and in a big way. there is nothing to talk about. The American pavilion dealt with space, the conquest of space, technology and the like. Outside the building was placed a perfect model of a real spaceship that already puts in the atmosphere, with a kind of American-style Diner underneath it. On the first floor there was a huge space with an impressive display of the solar system and space - to see them you could lie on comfortable sofas and look up - as you can see in the picture above. The large ball that came down from the ceiling was once used as the earth, once the sun, and once something else, using high-quality internal projection that synchronizes with everything that happens in the space of the room - screens, lighting and more. It was a very impressive performance. When you go up to the second floor, you discover a display of the conquest of space - a real probe that was in operational service, photos from the moon landing, and even a small stone that was brought from the moon and fixed in a unique device that allows every visitor to feel and put their finger on a stone from the moon, as in the famous singer's song.


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