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Supervision - good for the client and excellent for the executing company!

Although during the planning and construction of a visitor center, there is sometimes a feeling that the accompanying consultant is a kind of nuisance for the implementation company, at the end of the process the implementation company also benefits

When the developer of the establishment of the visitor center - a local authority / KKL-Junk / the Nature and Parks Authority or any other body decides that he will hire a content consultant - a programmer to accompany the project, there is sometimes a feeling from the executing company - that here comes the man who is going to bother them, make them work harder and earn less money.

On the one hand - the concern can be understood. It is clear that working with a client who does not understand exactly the meaning of various precisions in the script, or the meaning of using this or that technology for the projection of the video or the playback of the sound - sometimes 'shortens processes' and increases the execution budgets.

But on the other hand - in the direct work of a content and production company with the client, there are many challenges that arise from the client's lack of confidence in the professional parties, and from the client's lack of understanding of the meaning of making decisions or making changes to plans on the fly.

And give an example:

In one of the centers where I worked for the client, the performing company submitted for the client's approval the script of the main performance planned for the auditorium. The script was fine, and the client even happily approved it.

After the client's approval in principle, I asked the company to provide us with a completely different script unrelated to the first draft. The reason for the request was because the first script was not exciting.

The client cooperated with my request, and after two weeks we received a completely different script proposal - a different story, a different energy - everything was different. And this time - the client was enthusiastic about the story.

Although the second script was more complex and expensive in terms of production, the result was excellent and all parties benefited.

From experience - and working with execution companies on large projects for large clients (such as KKL) - even when there were disagreements, and also when the execution company had to work harder to solve problems that the client himself did not even understand the meaning of - at the end of the processes, the owner of The executive company thanked me profusely!

I can give many examples of this, (and I will expand on shockingly spicy examples in the following posts) but in general it must be said that the work of the supervising consultant first of all serves the entrepreneur, but it also helps the executing company to achieve better results.

And when the results are better - the visitor center is more successful, and the performing company gets all the credit (and the next job, of course..).


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